Viva Mexico Mariachi
    • Viva Mexico Mariachi CD

      The CD includes a mixture of worldwide known traditional mariachi themes and Mexican virtuoso music gems, demanding highly qualified and trained musicians in these vernacular performing technics. Since 2004 until now, Viva Mexico Mariachi is the only mariachi band to Successfully introduce into the Canadian market, a fresh and audacious repertoire. Virtuoso Songs like 'El Gustito', 'El Cascabel' or 'Rondinela' are Viva Mexico Mariachi's proud and distinctive Hallmark.

      Viva Mexico Mariachi's CD album: "Viva Mexico" CD album has been praised for its virtuoso performances, cover art and innovative three folded stylish cover. press play or next button to hear sample of all CD's songs.

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      CD Songs

      1. Viva Mexico
      2. El Jarabe Tapatio
      3. El Gustito / Serenata Huasteca
      4. Las Mañanitas
      5. Rondinela
      6. EL Son de la Negra
      7. El Cascabel
      8. Cielito Lindo Husteco
      9. La Bamba

Viva Mexico Mariachi 2013