What audiences say about VMM Performances:

"Amazing", "Powerful", "Impressive", "Incredible and Thrilling" are some adjectives that delighted multicultural audiences have labeled Viva Mexico Mariachi performances.

Viva Mexico Mariachi

Is a unique multicultural phenomenon of professional, talented and enthusiastic musicians from very diverse ethnic backgrounds. Since year 2000 Viva Mexico Mariachi is proudly, the most successful and prestigious mariachi band in Toronto, performing a worldwide known, appreciated and praised Mexican tradition in the world: 'Mariachi Music', recognized in 2011 by UNESCO, as 'Intangi-ble Cultural Heritage of Humanity'.

VMM About

In its short life span, Viva Mexico Mariachi has built its own distinctive identity, solid prestige and firm leadership. Its success story has positioned it, as an iconic role model for old and new mariachi bands in Canada. No wonder why, since 2005, Embassy of Mexico in Canada and Consulate of Mexico in Toronto have preferred Viva Mexico Mariachi services to highlight their most important official events.

In 2004, Viva Mexico Mariachi Successfully introduce into the Canadian market, a new, fresh and audacious repertoire.

Viva Mexico Mariachi

Viva Mexico Mariachi's CD

Viva Mexico Mariachi CDIs a mixture of worldwide known traditional mariachi themes and Mexican virtuoso music gems, praised for its virtuoso performances. Samples of all CD's songs can be heard clicking "CD/EVENTS" tab.

Viva Mexico MariachiThe CD includes a mixture of worldwide known traditional mariachi themes and Mexican virtuoso music gems, demanding highly qualified and trained musicians in these vernacular performing technics. Virtuoso Songs like 'El Gustito', 'El Cascabel' or 'Rondinela' are Viva Mexico Mariachi's proud and distinctive Hallmark.

Viva Mexico Mariachi Membership

VMM is a unique multicultural phenomenon, Composed by professional, talented and enthusiastic musicians coming from many diverse ethnic backgrounds: Mexico, Peru, Canada, Russia, USA, Caribbean and French-Canadian roots, all of them committed and proud to belong to Viva Mexico Mariachi organization.

Viva Mexico Mariachi band Instrumentation and singer:

Viva Mexico Mariachi is a blend of classic and ethnic Mexican instruments.
Trumpets, Violins, Vihuela, Guitarron and Guitar. We congratulate to accompanny the powerful Mexican vernacular voice of Cecilia Guerrero.

Viva Mexico Mariachi Sharing stage with Latin Grammy award winners

Viva Mexico Mariachi has been privileged to open concerts and live accompanying famous Latin Grammy award winners, like:
Jose Feliciano
8 Grammy awards
Ana Barbara
Latin Grammy winner
Alicia Villarreal
Latin Grammy winner
Cafe Tacuba rock band
5 Latin Grammy awards
Viva Mexico Mariachi 2013